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We provide organic and pure royal jelly imported from Europe in different quantity packages across Dubai and the UAE. Order from our Startup, Advanced, Royal, and Individual packs of royal jelly.

Royal Jelly is known for centuries in building immunity, stimulating the mental faculties, enhancing memory, eliminating nervousness and anxiety & solving fertility-related challenges.


Fresh Royal Jelly

The bee larvae fed only Royal Jelly become Queen bees, and the larvae that feed on pollen and nectar become honeybees. The queen bee's larva and the honeybee's larva are precisely the same. Thus every honeybee can become a queen bee. The only factor that develops a honeybee's larvae into a queen bee is the larval development diet.

Though the worker bees and queen bees are both females, they have different characteristics, as displayed in the table below. The key differentiating factor that affects the lifetime, fertility and development of the queen bee is Royal Jelly.

Building immunity is of paramount importance, and the best approach is to go back to mother nature. Proven natural products in their raw form are our safest bet, and one such product is Royal Jelly. Royal Jelly is the Royal food of the Queen bee and is highly nutritious, rich in vitamins, proteins, and amino acids. It contains vitamins A, B complex, C, D, and E, with a particularly high concentration of vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) and vitamin B6.

Royal Jelly is also called Bee milk, thick like sour cream, white to light yellow color, and sour tasting. It is produced by young 5-10 days old worker bees using a secretion from their hypopharyngeal glands/glands in their heads.

Diet Royal Jelly Pollen and nectar
Lifetime 4-6 years 5-7 weeks
Development Time 16-17 days 21 days
Reproduction Can lay 2000 eggs / day Cannot produce eggs

Pure Royal Jelly, in its pure and natural form, is excellent for humans as well. It can produce magical results if consumed regularly as per the recommended dosage guidelines.

Benefits of Fresh Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly is known for centuries in building immunity, stimulating the mental faculties enhancing memory, eliminating nervousness and anxiety & solving fertility related challenges

The following are a few well known benefits of Royal Jelly


Enhances immunity & strengthens the body’s defense system


Cures infertility in men and women, etc


Increases energy, durability and physical strength


Stimulates the mental functions and enhances memory


Eliminates nervousness and anxiety


Stimulates physical growth and development


Establishes hormonal balance


Regulates blood pressure


Reduces the level of lipids and cholesterol in blood

Regular consumption of 100% pure Royal Jelly is highly recommended for good health and well being

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900 AED for 1 month

300 AED / bottle

Try the 1 month individual package to get a taste of our Royal Jelly.

  • image Duration of 1 months
  • image 3 bottles per adult
  • image Take 1gm per day.


1800 AED for 3 months

300 AED / bottle

Jump start your journey to good health with the 3 month Startup package.

  • image Duration of 3 months
  • image 6 bottles per adult
  • image Take a break for a month after the first month and continue with the 1gm dosage in month 3


2700 AED for 6 months

300 AED / bottle

Build resistance with the 6 month advanced package.

  • image Duration of 6 months
  • image 9 bottles per adult
  • image Take a break for a month after the first month and continue with the 1gm dosage in month 3


5400 AED for 12 months

300 AED / bottle

Boost your immunity with the 12 month Royal package.

  • image Duration of 12 months
  • image 18 bottles per adult
  • image Take a break for a month after the first month and continue with the 1gm dosage in month 3


Special large quantity orders for Horses and Camels


All packages come with a personalised follow up service to guide you towards a higher level of immunity and good health


Ingredients in Royal Jelly

Royal jelly is highly nutritious material, rich in various vitamins, proteins and amino acids. It contains vitamins A, B complex, C, D and E, with a particularly high concentration of vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) and vitamin B6. Total amount of vitamins in one gram of jelly is 336 to 351 milligrams.

Royal jelly is the only natural source of acetylcholine in its pure form. It is a neurotransmitter that allows the transfer of impulses between nerve cells in the body. It contains various minerals, enzymes, 18 types of amino acids as well as many substances that prevent the development and propagation of bacteria and viruses. Royal jelly contains antibiotic substances, and a certain amount of unknown ingredients.

The composition of royal jelly can vary depending on the seasonal conditions, physiological state of the bees, strength of bee society and the conditions where the bees reside. The following table refers to the marginal value of the basic constituents of royal jelly.

Royal jelly proteins contain most of the amino acids including the essential eight namely, valine, leucine, isoleucine, threonine, methionine, phenylalanine, tryptophan and lysine. The representations of sugar in royal jelly are via glucose and fructose. They fall into the category of reduction sugar that cells can directly receive and use as energy supplies

100% Natural Ingredients

  • Water
  • Dry material
  • Protiens
  • Carbohydrates
  • Fat
  • Inorganic Material
  • Unknown Material

Royal Jelly Real Facts

Customers who have followed our usage related recommendations have benefited immensely the following are few examples from our customer research


Strengthening immunity

Many of our regular Royal Jelly customers have confirmed that they have seen a massive improvement in their immunity with a significant reduction in the number of cold and flu attacks throughout the year



People engaged in intellectual work and who work in dynamic and stressful environments, concluded that pure royal jelly has a calming influence on them.


Iron deficiency

People with iron deficiency have reported significant increase in the iron levels with the regular use of pure Royal Jelly and interestingly they found a decline in the iron levels when they stopped consumption of Royal Jelly


Allergies to pollen

People who have had major problems with seasonal pollen allergies noticed milder symptoms after consuming Royal Jelly regularly


Improvement of blood

Another customer suffering from Hepatitis C started using our pure Royal Jelly and saw a great improvement in blood levels


Menstrual cycle

Women with irregular menstrual cycles have been able to regularise their menstrual cycles shortly after consuming our pure Royal Jelly. Some women have also reported to us that duration of the cycle and outflow of blood has reduced with regular consumption of pure Royal Jelly



Fertility is one of the things that we believe that royal jelly is the best medicine for. When for the first time one person called us and said that she got pregnant after 20 years of marriage, we were overjoyed! We are especially happy because this trend continues, so every year we hear happy news about new babies


We have not seen many cases of allergic reactions with the use of our Royal Jelly.

Lips and Skin Swelling

A few of our customers have reported allergic reactions in the form of swelling of the lips and skin. We have found more customers who are allergic to pollen than Royal Jelly.

Gasteric Discomfort

Consumption of Royal Jelly over the recommended dosage can use gastric discomfort and from our experience we don’t recommend the consumption of Royal Jelly during a bronchial attack.

Consume Pure Form to Avoid allergies

Royal Jelly is safe to use as per the recommended dosage. We urge you to try our pure Royal Jelly and, in most cases, you will not have any allergic reaction and if you do, you must contact your physician immediately.

Our Ethics

We produce Royal Jelly with “0” adverse effects on bees. We harvest the Royal Jelly using a process that does not stress the bees and disrupt their natural environment. We harvest Royal Jelly only in the 2-3 months in a 100% natural way and don’t adopt any artificial means / methods to increase production / do anything else that harms the bees and their habitat


About Us

We are a part of a specialist Royal Jelly producers team in Bosnia & Herzegovina who have more than 4 decades of experience in producing Royal Jelly using a traditional & proven 100% natural process

We have full control of the Royal Jelly we offer you right from the initial production, till the delivery to your door step. We implement stringent quality processes at all levels of production and distribution

We harvest Royal Jelly ONLY in the 2-3 months season following ethical practices with “0” adverse effects on the bees. This help us to offer you a limited quantity of premium Royal Jelly with concentrated high quality ingredients, which may seem similar to mass produced Royal Jelly in appearance and composition and you need to try our Royal Jelly for at least a few months to experience the impact on your health and well-being

We are not traders who are only keen on selling mass quantities of Royal Jelly. We care about your health and invest most of our energies in ensuring that we offer you a high quality naturally produced product that will have a visible difference on your health and well-being over a period time